New song – Everybody Dies

Everybody Dies by Farbror Pop

Everybody Dies

Everybody Dies is the sixth song in English from ”Uncle Pop”,
 released October 7th, 2022.

When in my early twenties, I met this old man at the bar ”Gröne Jägaren” in Stockholm, standing by the roulette, every now and then crying out loud ”everbody dies!”. I guess it must have made an impression on me, as I still remember it, and one day I had this song in my head, so cheers to him! I guess that he would probably be in his nineties now, if he has survived his heavy drinking, but if not I’ll at least give him that he was right. 😎

The album artwork shows the Norwegian fjord ”Ersfjordbotn”. Like all other album photos it is shot by Farbror Pop himself.

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