New song – Insomnia

Insomnia by Farbror Pop aka Uncle Pop


Insomnia is the fourth song in English from ”Uncle Pop”,
released September 17th, 2021.

You know that feeling where you are dead tired, you might be half asleep, but you just won’t come to rest? You might think you hear a strange sound, something is itching, your legs are restless or your mind won’t stop spinning.

The night is dark
and I’m wide awake
My restless legs

kicking at the bed
My eyes won’t close

Hey, what’s that sound?
Ghosts are haunting

my restless mind

Then, finally, the morning comes and still dead tired you embrace the chance to get out of that bed, that state of insomnia. Oh, the smell of coffee in the morning! And those first rays of light!

The morning comes
with the morning light
like a saviour

A fresh new day
chase the ghosts away
– what a blessing

The album artwork is from Lofoten, Norway. Looking carefully, you can barely see some ”ghosts” (aka ”storm birds”) in the lightest part.
Like all other album photos it is shot by Farbror Pop himself.

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